Forget About The Forbes’ Lists, Here Are 9 Great Things About Taiwan

Is Taiwan a developed country? We’ll let you be the judge of that. But our island has a lot more merit than you might give it credit for. Here are just nine of them.

1. There’s no proliferation of guns in Taiwan; more than 11,000 people die from gun violence every year in the United States.


2. Taiwan does not invade other countries, we are a peace-loving country.


3. Taiwan has a 45.07 percent recycling rate, higher than France’s 42 percent.


4. Taiwan ranks number 1 in open government data in the Global Open Data Index of 2015 done by Open Knowledge Foundation, higher than the host country, the United Kingdom.


5. Taiwan has an average of 11.61 species of butterflies per square kilometer, more than Brazil’s 0.37 species.


6. Taipei’s rate of tourist growth is 14.9 percent, which is higher than Tokyo.


7. The market share of semi-conductor products manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is 53.7 percent, higher than US-based Globalfoundries’ 9.4 percent.


8. National Taiwan University Hospital performed 504 ECMO-supported heart transplant operations, which is the highest in all Asian countries. In second place in Asia is Korea with more than 400 operations.


9. The approval rate of President Ma Ying-jeou is dwindling at 9.2 percent, but it’s higher than former Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s 8 percent when Yeltsin was in office.


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