The Uniqueness Ramadan in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. 90% Indonesia citizen is Muslim. Like Muslim in Saudi Arabia, most of people in Indonesia go to Mosque for pray 5 times a day and also fasted in Ramadan. So, you should visit Indonesia in Ramadan if you want to enjoy in different Indonesia.

SERIOUSLY? yes! WHY? read it out:

  1. Soluble in humility: Mosques is more crowded than usual. Most of families go to Mosque after maghrib to pray taraweh. So, You do not suprised if the road is quiet. very quiet. Moreover if iftar time, all of Muslim who fast will drink or eat something to cancel their fast.
  2. Time to gather with family: Ramadan will feel more spesial if we are gather with our family. Usually, almost house in Indonesia more crowed with their ‘new’ family. Because Indonesia is a big country, lot of peoples go to one to another island was called by ‘merantau’ to get a jobs and they will back home in Ramadan time. So, beautiful anf feel fantastic.
  3. Working day fell 80%. In normal day, working day is 6 days, monday till saturday. But now, in fasting month begin from office and school just five day working day. Even, working hour is changing. Usually in usual day, working hour start from 7 am until 2 pm. In Ramadan, start from 7.30 am untul 11.30 am. It’s all done by the goverment to respect the fasting person.

    Hmm, are you interest? how about in your country?

  4. Discount and advertising war: Almost of big brands in Indonesia offers an interest discount or promo among Ramadan. For examples: Ad of drink products has been around before Ramadan has not arrived. Clothes shops offers discount untul 70%. Coffee shops offers a free ‘small drink’ when iftar time and many more again!
  5. Much uniqueness tradision. Begin Ngabuburit from New Clothes. Ngabuburit is a activity to ‘killing time’, waiting for breaking the fast time. Usually, all of people go out from home and arround the city, park or other interest place to ‘killing time’ and waiting for iftar time. Predictable, traffic jam everywhere just before time of breaking the fast.
  6. Pulang Kampung tradision. In the last of Ramadan, called by Idul Fitri. As required, all members of family must gather in that special day, compulsory. So very difficult to get ticket all of tranportasion like bus, trains, ships or planes for the last of Ramadan. Usually the ticket was sold ot before Ramadan arrived. Again, traffic jam is very scary in that day.




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