Suspended Coffe, New Trend Coffee Shop in Europe

Do you like coffee?

Yes, I do like a cup coffee.

There so many kinds of coffee in my kicthen. Begin from black coffe (with corn), black coffee (without corn) from Malaysia, until herb coffee typical from Madura. Before I go to work, I make a cup of coffee, and it’s friend to browsing some news on internet, listening podcast or watch sport news every morning.

Sometime if I have a free time, I go to coffee shop in Surabaya or Bangkalan, remember with my laptop or iPod. I’m very enjoy drinks a cup of coffee in coffee shop like Starbucks, J.Co, Black Canyon Coffee Shop or Mokko Factory di Bangkalan Plaza. I like value for money from my coffee. I suppose, I would have to go without. If you go to without something, you don’t have it.

Wait, I was read some article on the internet. I still remember that there is new trend coffee shop in Europe. It’s called with Supended Coffee. WHAAT? Yes, Suspended Coffee.

Suspended Coffee is where you donate, or give, money for coffee that someone can drink later. So, someone can come into coffee shop and ask for a coffee that someone else had paid for. When you buy a morning coffee, You might paid over $4 – that $2 for the coffee that you want to drink, and $2 for suspended coffe to some someone else. It’s a interesting idea, I think.

A suspended coffe is where someone buys a coffee to someone else who is in need of it. So, they could be homeless, they could be hard on their luck, or it could be collaborative with the refugee center.

It’s a chance for people do a good deed for someone else who need it.




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