Applied Technology at ITB

(Passed the famous street. Written at board Jl. Ganeca. Toward a great campus — @wahyualam)

Institut Teknologi Bandung or we call ITB. ITB is leading technology campus in Indonesia. Located in Bandung, West Java. Famous since 1920. From Mr. Habibie until Mr. Aburizal Bakrie were graduated from this campus.

I was there from 22 May until 25 May 2013. It’s my first time visit this campus. I was straight amazed when I saw Ganeca street. But usually, in the map, this street call with Ganesha street. I accrosing this street slowly and enjoy it. Bandung’s wheather is very cool, like in Malang. So, I don’t bring the jacket from hotel.

Nobody knows me. Yes, I’m a strange man from Madura who look into upper, to the right, and to the left. All sides of campus caught my eyes. I’m like a tourist, I take my camera from my bag, and take some pictures.

The first, my ears heard the splash of water like a fountain. Right, there is a fountain at the center of some buildings. The water from that fountain drained from pipes have some small holes. The water from small holes emits water splash is reassuring. It’s a simple of applying the technology on this campus.

Some general facilities like wifi signal, parking and sport area, mosque, toilet, library, laboratory, mini market, ATM, and more buildings look so clean.

When I was pray Dhuzur in Salman’s Mosque, there is a dispenser that can dispense hot and cold water to all of mosque’s juma’ah. Simple but very useful. Cold wheater immediately lost when drink a hot tea.

That’s the little things that exist at ITB.


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