konfigurasi Telkomsel Flash di OpenSuse


It was my promise to talk (a bit) about how to make an (HSDPA/3G GSM Modem) Internet connection through KNetworkManager on openSUSE 11.2 RC1. So here it is.

It is a Modem

As it is said, our computer (kernel) has to recognize it as a modem before NetworkManager take the job. If it is not, see here for workaround, and in my case, i have to run (as root user) : usb_modeswitch.

There’s an easiest way to doing this: “just plug it, and the kernel will automatically know it” through udev. Unfortunately, it does not work on my machine, kind of an option.ko issue in the kernel (usb-serial?) for ZTE MF626 Modem. Hopefully yours is OK.

If the kernel recognize it, then KDE Network Management will tell it to you:

Set it Up

Click on KNetworkManager icon (appears in system tray), choose Manage Connections:

Go to Mobile Broadband tab, and Add , GSM Connection:

and fill the needed information (call number, username and password, APN, etc):

Let KNetworkManager set the PPP configuration as default.

Finally, press OK button to proceed.

Connect it!

Let now KNetworkManager do the job!: click on it, and choose (TFlash) connection.

Wait it


In case someone needs deeper workaround, here are my messages log and NetworkManager log files.

Have a lot of fun! ;)

[singing] We’re online, online.. online, online:D


sumber : http://www.planet.opensuse.or.id


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